Frequently asked questions

What does Opera have to offer?

Here is a quick rundown on how we make web browsing all the more enjoyable and efficient for you:

  • Video pop-out allows you to watch most any video while you browse other web pages or even use other programs.
  • Battery saver stretches your laptop’s battery life when unplugged.
  • We have built-in features normally requiring third party installations on other browsers, such as ad blocker, VPN, and VR 360 Player.
  • Our search pop-up feature provides a convenient route for searching, copying and sharing any highlighted text on the web. If that text is a price tag or a unit of measurement, Opera will convert the value to your desired value.
  • The sidebar seen on the starthttps://www.opera.com page provides access to popular messengers and shortcuts to your bookmarks, newsreader, downloads, history, and more. It can be pinned to your browser to take with you wherever you browse.

We are continually working to make improvement to our browser and to create the next great innovation. Stay up-to-date with what we working on our blogs page.

What about security? How does Opera protect my privacy?

Opera protects your privacy as you browse in a few ways. First, Opera displays security badges in the combined search and address bar, giving you a quick glance at the security of a page. If the browser detects anything potentially dangerous, it will display a security badge to warn you. Read more about security badges.

Second, Opera provides of a free, built-in ad blocker which eliminates websites from tracking your browsing history. The default mode for ad blockers will block ads on all websites. The built-in ad blocker also stops cryptocurrency mining scripts from abusing your system’s CPU.

You can manage exceptions under Manage Lists… in Settings (Preferences on Mac).

To ensure your privacy, there are ways you can control how websites monitor your web activities, and ways to keep your browsing habits and data private if you share a computer or account. You can manually set what information you want to share with specific sites. Read more about setting your web preferences.

Is Opera available in my language?

Opera is translated into many languages, making it easier for you to browse in your native language. Opera will use your system’s default language to set the browser’s language.

For Mac users, to change this language or to find more information on your Mac system, visit the Apple Support pages.

To change the language of your Opera browser on Windows or Linux:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Advanced at the bottom of the page.
  3. Under Languages, click Language.
  4. Click next to a language and click Display Opera in this language.

How do I remove items from my browsing history?

To remove items from your history:

  1. From the O Menu on Windows/Linux or the toolbar on Mac, select History > Show All History.
  2. Hover over any entry and click the x that appears on the right.

To clear all browsing history, including cookies and more, click the Clear browsing data… button on the top-right of the History page. Read more about clearing private data.

I love Opera! How do I make it my computer’s default browser?

Setting Opera as your default browser is easy:

For Mac users:

  1. Go to Settings (Preferences on Mac).
  2. Under Default browser, click the Make default button.

If you are switching to Opera from another browser, you can import your data from your old browser to Opera. Read more about importing browser data.

What’s a private window?

Private windows remove any browsing data once you close them – history, image cache, passwords, everything. You can browse more comfortably on public computers knowing your browsing activity and passwords are removed when you close all private windows. Read more about private browsing.

How do I zoom into a page?

For Mac users, you can zoom in or out by selecting View > Zoom In / Zoom Out from the menu.

For Windows or Linux users, go to the O Menu Zoom and click the + or buttons.

Opera also has fullscreen and presentation modes for browsing without menus or toolbars. Read more about zooming options in Opera.