Opera Touch tabs

Entry points to Tabs

There are three entry points to your Tabs page: the Tabs button on your Home screen, in the overflow menu button  and in the tabs menu of FAB.

To open your Tabs page with the overflow menu button, tap  and then Tabs.

When browsing the web, swipe open FAB to find your tabs button on the right side of the menu.

Sending tabs to My Flow

Tabs in your Tabs page can be sent to My Flow. Swipe a tab to the right side of the screen to send it to My Flow.

The tab will not be removed from Tabs after being sent to My Flow. It will remain as an open tab. 

Closing tabs

Tabs in your Tabs page can be closed by swiping them to the left side of the screen. 

You can find closed tabs in your History.

Close all tabs

To close all tabs, tap  in the Tabs page and then tap Close all tabs.

You can also open the FAB in the Tabs page and select to close all tabs.

Opening tabs from other connected devices

After connecting devices via My Flow, tabs from your other connected devices will be available in Tabs.

Tap a tab from your connected device to open it in Opera Touch. Private tabs from your Opera browser for computers will not be available.