Instant Search

Opening Instant Search

Instant Search

There are three ways to open Instant Search:

  • by opening the browser
  • from the New tab button in FAB
  • from the tabs screen overflow flow button  under New Tab.

By default, Instant Search opens whenever you start the browser. You can disable Instant Search in settings.

Search modes in Instant Search

Instant Search has three search modes: keyboard, QR/barcode scanner, and voice search.

Keyboard search will prime the search box with the text cursor flashing and ready. 

The QR/barcode scanner  will use your device’s camera to scan for barcodes on products. Opera Touch will ask for your permission to use your device’s camera. 

Voice search will use your device’s microphone. Opera Touch will ask for your permission to use your device’s microphone.

(iPhone users will need to first enable dictation before using voice search. To enable dictation on the iPhone, go to SettingsGeneralKeyboard.)

These search modes can be accessed in the Home screen menu of FAB.

Closing Instant Search

To close Instant Search, tap anywhere in the darkened area of the browser interface.

Search suggestion shortcuts

Opera Touch offers shortcuts to search suggestions in the search bar. These search suggestions are indicated with a purple arrow. Tap the arrow to fill in the search bar with the suggestion. You can then continue typing if you have more keywords to add to the suggestion, or hit Enter to search.

If a suggested search query suits what you are looking for, tap the suggestion to start a search.

Quick access to home page in search mode

Your home page can be accessed when using search in FAB. Underneath the search box, you will see your top sites and starred pages.

If you have turned off top sites on your home page, you will not see them under the address and search bar.

Search bar widget (Android only)

You can search directly from your home screen on Android – with the Opera Touch widget. To add  search bar, tap and hold on the home screen on available space. When you select the widget you will need to press and hold it to select it.