Default search engine

Google is Opera Touch’s default search engine, but you can choose from several search engines available in the browser. The search engine which you choose will be used when searching from FAB or Instant Search.

To change the default search engine:

  1. Tap  and tap Settings.
  2. Under General, tap Default search engine.
  3. Choose your default search engine.

Dark theme

To enable dark theme on Android:

  1. Tap  and tap Settings.
  2. Under General, tap Theme.
  3. Toggle off Use system theme and select Dark.

Ad blocking 

Opera Touch’s native and opt-in ad blocker helps improve page loading speeds. The ad blocker contains EasyList and regional ad blocker lists.

To turn on ad blocking:

  1. Tap  and tap Settings.
  2. Under Browser, turn on Ad blocking.

Cryptocurrency mining protection

Opera’s cryptocurrency mining protection stops cryptojacking from occurring on your device without your knowledge. Some websites have cryptojacking scripts embedded in their code. When you access those websites, the scripts will cause your device to use more CPU than it should.

You can test if your device is protected from cryptocurrency mining with our cryptojacking test.

To turn on or off cryptocurrency mining protection:

  1. Tap  and tap Settings.
  2. Under Browser, toggle Cryptocurrency mining protection.

Block cookie dialogs

In Opera Touch, you can choose to block cookie dialogs that appear on websites. These dialogs are designed to provide you with more control over your online privacy.

To block cookie dialogs:

  1. Tap and tap Settings.
  2. Under Browser, tap Block cookie dialogs.
  3. Turn on Block cookie dialogs.

Turning on cookie blocker enables the Automatically accept cookie dialogs option. With this option enabled, you are agreeing to have cookies set on Opera Touch.

If you want to stay in control of what cookie or privacy agreements are accepted, disable this option.

More about Opera’s cookie dialog blocker

The recent introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was intended to provide people with improved control over their online privacy. However, an unforeseen consequence has been a sharp increase in the often complex and confusing attempts by websites to make their visitors agree to their privacy practices and policies.

The cookie dialog blocker uses a combination of CSS rules and JavaScript heuristics to identify and remove cookie alerts. This feature, initially implemented on Opera for Android, was tested on 15,000 websites. Opera continues to add to this list.


Vibrations, or haptic feedback, is touch feedback given to the user when interacting with a user interface. When you interact with a touchscreen button, you will feel a vibration from your phone, for example. Opera Touch uses vibrations for interactions with the FAB. Vibration is enabled by default.

To turn off vibrations:

  1. Tap  and tap Settings.
  2. Under General, turn off Vibrations.

Clear browsing data

Clearing browsing data can help improve the speed and performance of Opera Touch. Over time, cookies and other cached data accumulate and may slow down your browser.

To clear your browsing history, cookies, and cached data:

  1. Tap  and tap Settings.
  2. Under Browser, tap Clear browsing data
  3. Select the browsing data you wish to delete and tap Clear data.

Hide Top Sites from home page

To hide the Top Sites section from your home page:

  1. Tap  and tap Settings.
  2. Under General, turn off Top Sites.

Disable Instant Search on browser startup

To disable Instant Search when starting up the browser:

  1. Tap  and tap Settings.
  2. Under General, turn off Instant Search.