Fast Action Button

The Fast Action Button

In Opera Touch, you can choose between Standard Navigation and the Fast Action Button. These navigation options can be switched at any time by going to Settings > Navigation.

The Fast Action Button (FAB) is divided into two rows: the menu (bottom row) and tabs (top row). 

The FAB uses vibrations, or haptic feedback, when interacting with elements in the button. Vibrations can be turned off in Settings.

Opening and closing the FAB

To open the FAB, tap the button and swipe up while keeping your finger on the screen. The contents of the FAB will expand. You can also tap and hold the button for a delayed opening of the FAB.

To close the FAB, slide your finger to the darkened area of the screen and release.

Tabs menu

The tabs menu in the FAB includes your three most recently opened tabs and a link to your Tabs screen. Your most recent tabs will be ordered from left to right. The tabs screen, marked by the number of open tabs, will remain fixed on the right side. 

The tabs menu is always available in the FAB. 

FAB menus

There are three variations of the FAB menu: one for the Home screen, one in page view, and one for the Tabs page.

The Home screen FAB menu is how you can start a new web search. It contains:

  • Scan QR code
  • Search
  • Voice search

Tapping Scan QR code will turn on your camera and will be ready to find a code to scan. Search will pull up your keyboard. Voice search will open your selected voice recognition application.

From the FAB menu in page view, you can:

  •  Reload the page (Android)
  • Close the page
  • Search
  • Open a new tab
  • Send to My Flow
  • Go back one page (iPhone)

The FAB menu in the Tabs page includes a button to close all tabs and to open a new tab.

Use the FAB to switch between the Home screen and your current page

You can return to the Home screen while browsing by tapping the Fast Action Button. The current web page will withdraw into the FAB and be added to your tabs. 

While on the Home page, tap the FAB to return to your last tab.

Preview a tab

Tab preview Opera Touch

To preview a tab from the tab menu in the FAB, slide open the FAB and hold your finger over a tab.

Changing FAB placement on the iPad

The Fast Action Button can be placed in a different position for Opera Touch on the iPad.

To change the placement of the FAB on iPad:

  1. Tap  and Settings.
  2. Tap FAB Placement.
  3. Choose a placement (center, left, or right).