The Home screen in Opera Touch has six elements:

  1. The Fast Action Button (FAB) is Opera Touch’s all-inclusive button to create a new search, open a tab, navigate web pages, and perform a voice search.
  2. The menu bar will navigate you to other screens in Opera Touch: My Flow, Home, History, and the overflow menu  button.
  3. The search box allows you to search for anything or open a web page.
  4. Recent Tabs From Computer contains the three most recent tabs used on your Opera desktop browser. Your phone and computer must be connected via My Flow for this to be available.
  5. Top Sites shows the web pages you visit most often in Opera Touch. The more you visit a web site, the higher it will rise in this section. You can scroll up and down to find your other favorite sites.
  6. Starred pages are shortcuts to your favorite web pages. They will remain on your Home screen until you delete them individually.

Recent Tabs From Computer

Recent Tabs From Computer is activated after connecting to My Flow. It contains the three most recent tabs opened from your Opera computer browser.

Private tabs from your Opera computer browser will not be displayed here.

If Opera Touch on your Android device, iPhone, or iPad is not connected to your Opera for computer browser, Recent Tabs From Computer will not be available in the home page.

Top Sites

Top Sites holds the web pages you visit most often in Opera Touch. The more you visit a website, the higher it will rise in this section. Conversely, less frequented sites will sink to a lower position. 

Popular websites are preloaded in this section when first using Opera Touch.

You can hide this section of the home page in settings. 

Deleting Top Sites

If you wish to delete a site from Home, tap and hold the site’s bubble to reveal a pop-up. Tap Remove to delete the site from Home.

You can remove all sites from this section by clearing your history. 

Go to clearing browser data to learn how to clear your history.

Starred pages

You can add shortcuts to specific web pages to your Home screen by pressing the  in the menu while browsing.

bookmark pages

Starred pages will appear at the bottom of the Home screen, below Top Sites. Sites which you “star” will remain in the Home screen until you remove them individually. They will not be cleared when deleting your History.

Returning to Home screen while browsing

Tap FAB while browsing a web page to return to the Home screen. Your keyboard will pull up and a new search is ready.

Tap outside any of the elements in Instant Search to close all search modes to access the Home screen.