My Flow

My Flow is the encrypted space shared between Opera Touch and your Opera computer browser where you can send files, links, YouTube videos, photos and personal notes, and access them at any time from your connected phone or computer. It’s a great way to keep photos, articles, recipes, travel ideas and links with you at all times. 

You can share files of up to 10Mb in size in My Flow. Content such as videos or audio files can be played within My Flow or opened in a new tab. Items will remain in My Flow for 48 hours or until you decide to delete them, individually or entirely.

Read about connecting devices with My Flow.

Sending web content to My Flow

While browsing, tap the button in the address bar to send the page to My Flow.

Sending other content to My Flow

Open up My Flow with the My Flow button on the Home screen or from the three-dot menu . You can type in the field at the bottom to send notes, or tap the upload icon to upload a file from your device.

Receiving content from other connected devices

A small dot will appear next to My Flow on your Home screen when new content is sent. New content will appear in My Flow with a timestamp of its arrival.

Interacting with content in My Flow

Links to web content, videos, and other media in My Flow can be opened in a new tab or interacted with directly there. You can also copy the page’s web address or a note to your device’s clipboard.

Open in a new tab

To open content from My Flow in a new tab, tap the preview image or the text preview.

Play media in My Flow

Media, such as a YouTube video, can be played in My Flow. Tap the embedded media file to play it in My Flow.


All content in My Flow can be copied to your device’s clipboard. Tap and hold the item to reveal the pop-up button, then tap Copy.

Deleting content from My Flow

Links, videos, photos, or notes in My Flow can be deleted individually or entirely.

To delete an individual item from My Flow: 

  1. Go to My Flow
  2. Tap and hold the page preview image or the device icon next to the item you wish to delete.
  3. Tap Delete from the pop-up.

To delete all content from My Flow: 

  1. Tap and tap Settings
  2. Under My Flow, tap Clear My Flow
  3. In the double-check prompt, tap Clear My Flow.