Page view

In page view, you will see the address bar (including Send to My Flow  and overflow menu  buttons), the web page, and FAB.

Address bar

The address bar contains the page’s web address. Tapping on the address bar will allow you to type in a new search. 

Send the web page to My Flow with the  button in the address bar. 

Tap the button in the address bar for access to New tabFind in PageShare (iOS), Site optionsDesktop SitePrivate ModeTabsSettings and Help.

FAB in page view

The Fast Action Button while browsing a web page will allow you to:

  • Navigate to previous page
  • close the page
  • start a new search
  • open a new tab
  • send the current page to My Flow

The tabs menu will show your three recent tabs and the Tabs page button.

Reloading pages

To reload a web page, pull the page down and release. In other words, scroll the page all the way to the top until you begin to pull the page away from the top of the screen, and release to reload the page.

Going forward and back one page with swipe navigation

You can move forward and backward on page in a tab’s history by swiping the page to the left or right side.

To go back one page, touch the left edge of your device’s screen and swipe to the center of the screen.

To go forward one page, touch the right edge of your device’s screen and swipe to the center of the screen.

Opening a tab’s context menu

Tapping and holding a hyperlink – for example, a news article headline – will reveal the tab context menu where you can perform additional actions.

Open in new tab will open a new page in the foreground. Your current page will remain as an open tab. Simply pressing a link while browsing will navigate you away from the current page.

Open in new background tab will open the link in a new tab but you will stay on your current page.

Open in private tab will open the link in private browsing mode.

Copy link address will copy the page’s web address to your device’s clipboard so you can paste it elsewhere, such as an SMS or another messenger.

Share link will open a menu of device-enabled options to share the web address.

Open, save, and search images

Long tapping on an image will open the tab context menu and will include three additional options: Open Image, Save Image, or Search Google for This Image.

Open Image will open the image in your current tab. 

Save Image will open your device’s download manager so you can save the image to your phone.

Search Google for This Image will use the selected image as a search query in Google. Websites which use this image will be presented in your results. Google may also present images visually similar to the one you have selected.

Request desktop version of a website

To request the desktop version of a website, while browsing, tapand tap the Desktop site slider. Now, all websites in this tab will be viewed in their desktop site version.

Find text in page

To search for text in a web page, while in page view, tap themenu and tap Find in page. Type your text. Results for your text will be highlighted in the page, and you can cycle through instances with the up and down arrows. 

Tap the button to close text search.