Opera Help

Save sets of tabs

When you have a set of tabs or windows open in Opera, you can save them as a "session" to use later. This allows you to open all the tabs or windows you had open when you start the browser, or while browsing.

You can have Opera launch with the tabs you had open when you last closed the browser, or go directly to a previously saved session, Speed Dial or your home page. Go to Settings > Preferences > General and select from the startup drop-down list. If you want to choose every time you launch Opera, enable the start-up dialog. Note that the start-up dialog will always be displayed after Opera has been forced to close or otherwise has quit unexpectedly.

Tip: Try starting with no pages if you have problems starting Opera.

To save a session of tabs or windows to use later on or for a particular purpose, go to Tabs and Windows > Sessions and name the session to identify it. The next time you want to view this set of tabs or windows, return to this menu option and select the saved session from the list.

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