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JavaScript is a scripting language used to add functions to webpages, such as manipulating browser windows.

Turn JavaScript on or off

In rare cases, JavaScript may be used intrusively to perform certain actions you may find annoying. For these cases, you can turn it off completely, but note that this will often mean that some webpages will not work as designed.

To turn JavaScript off, go to Settings > Quick Preferences and uncheck "Enable JavaScript". To turn it back on, check this option.

Alternatively, you can use Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Content and check or uncheck "Enable JavaScript".

JavaScript options

To more specifically control what JavaScript does in webpages, you can set specific options in advanced preferences. Go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Content and click the "JavaScript Options" button. In the resulting dialog, select what you want to allow.

Set site-specific preferences

If you want to change JavaScript settings for a particular website, you can use site preferences.

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