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Fraud and Malware Protection

Fraud and Malware Protection warns you about suspicious webpages by checking the page you request against a database of known "phishing" and "malware" websites. To protect yourself when entering sensitive information, always look for the lock in the security badge.

Security status

With Fraud and Malware Protection enabled, every webpage you request is subjected to phishing and malware filters, and the status of the page is displayed as a badge on the left side of the address field, as indicated in the table below. Clicking on the badge reveals additional information.

Security Badge Status
Secure connection, with verified identity
Secure connection
Regular website
Website accelerated by Opera Turbo
File or folder on your computer
Fraud Warning
Blacklisted site, with Fraud Warning
Malware Warning
Blacklisted site, with Malware Warning

When the connection is secure, a lock is displayed in the security badge, implying that no one else can read the information that passes between you and the site. A process called Extended Validation (EV) can be used to verify the identity of the site owners.

If a website is found on the blacklist, you will be presented with a warning page, and you can decide whether to visit the website, or to go to back safely to the previous page. Fraud and Malware Protection does not cause any delay in the opening of webpages.

Enabling/Disabling Fraud and Malware Protection

Fraud and Malware Protection is enabled by default. It can be disabled/enabled from Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Security by unchecking/checking the box marked "Enable Fraud and Malware Protection.".

Report a site

If you discover a site that you think is fraudulent or contains malware and is not yet listed on blacklists, as shown in the security details from the badge in the address field, you can report it.

  1. Click the badge in the address field.
  2. Click the "Details" button.
  3. In the Fraud and Malware Protection tab, choose an option.
  4. Click "Report Site", then click "OK".

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