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When Opera crashes

This topic provides some steps that may help to troubleshoot an Opera freeze or crash, and some points about asking for our help to resolve the problem.

Even if the steps here help you, if you can provide steps on what you were doing when Opera froze and provide some specific files, we can reproduce it and then fix the freeze completely. This way we can help others that may experience the same problem.

Crashlog report

When Opera crashes, a dialog displays asking if you want to send a report about the problem. The report includes technical details of the crash, and any relevant comments you wish to include. This information helps make Opera even more stable and reliable. Just click "Send Report" to send details of the crash error.

See also: Forums and Report bugs.

Backup profile

Make a copy of your profile folder and save it to a safe location. See Backing up Opera.

After you have backed up your profile:

  1. Locate the VPS folder in your profile folder and rename it to VPS1.
  2. If you use Opera Mail, run Opera with "-nomail" parameters. Right-click the Opera icon, select "Properties" from the menu and edit the file name in the "Target" field to exactly "C:\Program Files\Opera\Opera.exe" -nomail (including a space after exe).
  3. Find the operaprefs.ini file, rename it to operaprefs.bak and restart Opera. If this resolves the freeze, please follow the steps below to download a clean install and locate possible problem files to help us fix the issue completely.

Download a clean install

Before you report a bug for an Opera freeze, please try to download a clean install of Opera (Note: For Widows Vista, you need to be an administrator to complete these steps):

  1. Go to www.opera.com/download.
  2. Click to download the newest version.
  3. Select "Run" to start the installer.
  4. In the installer, click "Options".
  5. Change "Install path" to a location you have write access to (do not use "Program Files") and make a new folder with a name you'll easily identify, for example: "C:\OperaTest".
  6. Change "Install for" to "Stand-alone installation (USB)".
  7. Click "Accept and Install".

Next steps

If Opera freezes after the clean install, report a bug.

If Opera does not freeze after the clean install:

  1. Copy over the entire profile folder from your original installation to the clean install. See Backup profile above for file locations.
  2. If Opera then freezes, delete private data using Settings > Delete Private Data.
  3. If deleting private data resolves the freeze, copy the profile folder back and try to find the exact file that causes the freeze.
  4. If Opera still freezes after deleting private data, delete files in the profile folder one by one to see if you can find the exact file that causes the freeze. A deleted file that is needed by Opera is generated when Opera starts up with clean settings; you do not have to delete it again.
  5. Compress the profile folder using .zip, .rar, or 7zip.
  6. Report a bug. If you find the file that makes Opera freeze, specify this in the bug report.
  7. Send the profile folder to the bug's email address.

Important note: Be assured that we will only use the files you send to reproduce the freeze. You may choose to remove files that contain sensitive data to protect your privacy, however, if removing these files resolves the freeze, we will not be able to reproduce it and fix the problem. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. Files with sensitive data include:

History folderVPS
Speed Dialspeeddial.ini
Password manager datawand.dat
Typed in Historytyped_history.xml

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