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Content blocking

Content blocking is an efficient means of hiding content in a webpage or site that you do not want to see, including images, pop-ups and plug-ins. In Opera, smart pop-up blocking is turned on by default.

Block content

To block content, follow the steps below:

  1. right-click the page that has content you want to block and select "Block content". A content block toolbar displays above the page.
  2. Click the images or plug-in content that you would like Opera to block. By default, anything that shares a server path with what you click will be blocked, which means that, for example, all images in the same folder as the one you click will be blocked. To block one specific element only, hold Shift while clicking.
  3. When you have finished blocking content, click the "Done" button on the toolbar.

Edit or unblock

If you find that you have blocked too aggressively so that content you would like to see has now disappeared, re-enable the content block toolbar and click the blocked content to re-enable it, or click the "Details" button to edit the list of blocked content. You may want to remove some paths from the list of content to block, or simply make the path more specific to avoid too much content being blocked.

Alternate menu path: Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Content > Blocked Content button.

Set site-specific preferences

If you want to disable or enable content blocking for a particular website, you can use site preferences.

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