Opera Help

Camera settings

When you visit a website that offers web services for video cameras, such as photo applications and face tracking, the site will need to connect to the webcam on your computer. Opera displays a dialog connected to the address bar badge, and asks to you to allow or deny access to your webcam. The following access settings are available:

Always allow (default)
Access will always be allowed when you visit this site
Allow once
Access will be allowed temporarily, until you exit the browser or reload the page. You will be asked again the next time you visit this site.
Access will always be denied. You will not be asked again when you visit this site.

Press “OK” to confirm your selection, or “Cancel” to escape the dialog. If you select “Cancel”, the site will ask you again the next time you go there.

If you have allowed access and the camera is on, a camera indicator is displayed in the address bar badge.

To turn the camera off in connection with a specific site, go to the site and click the address bar badge. Within the “Access settings” dialog, select “Deny”.

To see more about the site's security information before making a decision, click the security tab on this notification. For more details about security information, see Fraud and Malware Protection.