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What is Opera Next?

Opera Next is a parallel build of Opera, with cutting-edge features. It is useful especially to developers and testers. You can install it and run it independently of your primary version of Opera; the two do not mix. To avoid confusion, Opera and Opera Next are distinguishable by their appearance:

but it is the difference in behavior that truly distinguishes Opera Next:

By default, Opera Next is auto-updated every time a new snapshot appears on the Opera Desktop Team blog, including all of the alphas and betas released by Opera. To slow down the release cycle, so that you only get alphas and betas, but not all the snapshots from the Opera Desktop Team, unselect the option DownloadAllSnapshots, and save the setting.

Snapshot Alpha Snapshot Beta Snapshot RC Final
Opera Next (with snapshots) X X X X X X X
Opera Next (no snapshots) X X X
Opera X

For stable day-to-day browsing, use Opera; to experiment with the latest and greatest features, use Opera Next.

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