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Fit to width

Opera's rendering engine supports flexible reformatting of all webpages. A lot of webpages are made for specific screen resolutions and sizes. Fit to width adjusts the page size to the available screen space, which is particularly useful if you use a laptop.

Turn fit to width on or off

To apply fit to width to the webpage you are viewing, go to the right of the status bar, and click the arrow next to the zoom slider. Select "Fit to Width" and the page will be adjusted accordingly. To return to normal display mode and turn off fit to width, select this option again.

Alternate menu path: View > Fit to width.

Keyboard shortcut: +F11.

To permanently enable fit to width so that it is applied to all webpages you view, go to Opera > Preferences > Webpages and in the image and zoom settings section, check "Fit to width".

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