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This topic explains how to use Opera for feed subscriptions.


Feeds let you receive messages from newspapers and other information sources on the web. Rather than visiting a newspaper website checking for updates all the time, you can subscribe to the site's feed, and receive news summaries like you receive email messages.

Subscribing to feeds

Opera automatically recognizes correctly-coded RSS and Atom feeds. A link to a feed may be found on the page you are visiting, or it may appear as a small RSS icon in the address field. When you click the link or RSS icon, a preview to the feed displays. If you decide to subscribe, simply click "Subscribe" and the feed is automatically recognized and added to your feed list.

The first time you subscribe to a feed, the Feeds item is added to the menu, and a "Feeds" heading appears in your Mail panel.

You can Ctrl-click the "Feeds" entry in the Mail panel and select "Add Feed" to add a new feed.

All feeds that you subscribe to will be available in the Feeds menu.

Note that it may take a while for the server to send you the first feed items after you subscribe.

Managing feeds

Feed items are managed in the same way as email messages and can be searched, forwarded by email, and so on.

By default, Opera requests feed updates every three hours while the browser is running. You can change this setting individually for each subscription. Please note that very frequent requests are likely to generate too much traffic for some servers.

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