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Custom toolbars

Add or remove toolbars

You can easily add or remove toolbars by going to View > Toolbars.

Customize toolbars

You can change the appearance of a toolbar by adding items, changing where or when it displays, changing the style and wrapping, or returning to its defaults. To do this, Ctrl-click the toolbar and select "Customize". The toolbar is highlighted by a yellow border and you can start customizing the toolbar in the following ways:

Alternatively, you can go to:

Use multiple toolbar setups

Besides customizing toolbars, you can also have more than one toolbar setup, for example, if you want a specific set of toolbars to use for a particular task, but you also want to keep the existing toolbar setup for general browsing. If you want to keep the existing setup around and create a new, additional one, follow these steps:

  1. Select the toolbar setup you want to use as a template and click "Duplicate".
  2. Highlight the newly-created toolbar setup, select "Rename", and name it so you can easily identify it.
  3. Select your new toolbar setup in the list and click "OK" to exit the preferences.
  4. You are now using the new toolbar setup. Right-click any toolbar and select "Customize" to go to the "Appearance" dialog, where you can drag and drop buttons, search fields and other toolbar elements.
  5. To return to the previous toolbar setup, select Opera > Preferences > Advanced > Toolbars and select the setup from the list.

Download toolbar setups

Members of the Opera community often share their custom-made setups for toolbars on the My Opera Community website. Have a look and see if there is a setup that suits you. If you create a custom setup that might be useful for other people, you can share it here too.

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