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These settings give you control of Opera's cookie handling.

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Accept cookies
All cookies will be accepted
Accept only cookies from the site I visit
Third-party cookies, cookies sent from a different server than the site you are visiting, will be refused
Never accept cookies
All cookies will be refused

Some Web sites require you to accept cookies to use their services. If you want to make sure that sites work, while avoiding to keep cookies between visits, make Opera delete all cookies every time you close the browser.

If you want to make decisions about each cookie sent to your computer, select "Ask me before accepting cookies". You will then be prompted with a dialog with multiple options when a site wants to set a cookie.

Site Preferences

You can also choose to handle cookies based on which site sets them, for example accept cookies from www.example.org, but refuse cookies from www.example.com.

As you browse the Web, cookies set on your computer are collected and displayed in the Server Manager, so you can control how they are handled.

By default, all servers will be treated according to your general cookie preferences, but you can create particular rules for particular servers if you want to, either by responding to the cookie dialog prompt, or by editing the settings directly.

If you are visiting the site you want to edit cookie settings for, simply right-click the page, select "Edit site preferences" and activate the Cookie tab. The options are the same as described for the general cookie preferences above.

If you already have the general cookie preferences open:

  1. Click "Manage cookies".
  2. Find the site you want by typing in the "Quick find" field or clicking the list.
  3. Click "Edit", then open the Cookie tab to specify preferences for the site.

Conflicting cookie settings

Note that if two cookie preferences are active on the same site, and one of them denies cookies, then cookies will be denied from that site. For example, if you use the cookie options dialog to block all cookies from the 'example.com' domain, then this will take effect on all servers within the 'example.com' domain. This will include www.example.com, even if you separately allow cookies from that domain.

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