Opera Help


A theme is a collection of instructions, colors, and graphics, such as the background image and some colorization, used to change Opera's look with one click.

Get a new theme

To get a new theme, go to Opera add-ons: Themes, choose one you like and click “Add to Opera”. The theme is applied and a bar displays at the top of the window that allows you to keep the theme (Done X), or revert to the previous theme (Undo). If you don't make a decision after a short while, the theme is automatically applied and this bar disappears.

Alternate menu path: Go to Appearance > Themes and select “Find More Themes”.

If you chose not to keep the theme by selecting “Undo”, it will be deleted from your computer by Opera.

Change, delete or add themes

Go to Appearance > Themes to change or delete themes. When you delete a theme, the next theme in the list is applied. You can also add a new theme by clicking the “Find More Themes” button.

You can also apply a different color scheme, although this is not recommended for use with themes as the color scheme will override the theme. To scale the size of Opera's toolbar buttons, use the “Icon size” option.

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