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Scroll bar

The scroll bar is used to view long webpages and allows you to move up and down the page. This is normally placed on the right side of the screen, indicating the length of the current document and your current position within it. If you encounter a webpage wider than your screen, you will see a scroll bar along the bottom of the window to allow you to move across the page.

Scroll a document by clicking on the arrows at either end of the scroll bar, or by dragging the indicator with your mouse.

Turn scroll bars on or off

If you prefer not to see the scroll bars, you can uncheck this option. Go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Browsing and select or deselect "Show scroll bars".

Smooth scrolling

If you scroll using a mouse wheel or the arrow keys, would you like Opera to jump directly to the point in the document you are scrolling to, or do you prefer seeing the document scroll smoothly into position? Go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Browsing and select "Enable smooth scrolling" if you prefer the latter.

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