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Extensions make it possible to add features and functionality to Opera that are not native to it. They run in the browser, but their behavior and their appearance in the user interface vary widely; one extension may be in the form of a button while another extension runs in the background.

See the extensions catalog to read about and choose from a wide range of extensions.

Extensions can be installed, uninstalled, or disabled from within the extensions manager. To open the extensions manager, select the menu item Extensions > Manage Extensions.

Install an extension

You can only install extensions from trusted websites. By default, there is only one trusted site from which you can download extensions: the extensions catalog at addons.opera.com. However, it is possible to add to the list of trusted websites.

To download and install an extension from the catalog, select one of the following methods:

Find an extension you want to use and click the "Install" button.

Extensions are packaged as files with the ".oex" file extension. In general, clicking on a file of this type opens the extension installation dialog.

Disable or uninstall an extension

You can disable or uninstall extensions from within the extensions manager. From the menu, select Extensions > Manage Extensions. Find the relevant extension, and click on "Disable" or "Uninstall".

Extension settings

You can change the settings for an extension from within the extensions manager. Locate the extension and click the settings button on the right. Depending on the nature of the extension, the settings may vary.

You can also change the privacy settings. By default, extensions interact with secure pages (HTTPS), but not with private tabs. To change these settings, select "Privacy" from the settings drop-down.

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