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The Opera browser layout

The Opera browser layout

The Opera browser consists of five groups of elements on the screen:

  1. The menu bar
  2. The tab bar
  3. Navigation buttons (back, forward, refresh/stop, start page)
  4. The combined address and search bar
  5. The web view

The menu bar offers the following options:

Menu Available actions
Opera View information about your version of Opera, access preferences, sign in to your Opera account, clear private data, import browsing data, toggle Opera Turbo, get themes and extensions, or quit the browser.
File Manage tabs or windows, open files and locations, save pages locally, or print.
Edit Manipulate text (copy, paste, or select), search for text in pages, or check spelling.
View Zoom, show or hide the bookmark bar or the extensions sidebar, toggle presentation mode, browse in full screen, access start page items (Speed Dial or news), view downloads, manage extensions or themes, open the password manager, or toggle developer tools.
History Navigate back or forward, reopen closed tabs or windows, navigate to recently-viewed pages, or view your full browsing history.
Bookmarks Open the bookmark manager, bookmark the current page, or navigate to pages in your bookmark folders.
Window Minimize the current window, zoom, or select open windows and tabs.
Help Access Opera help pages, view keyboard shortcuts, or report issues.

The tab bar navigates between pages when you view more than one at a time. Click a page’s tab to view its contents. To open a new tab, click the + button on the tab bar. Read more about tabs.

The navigation buttons tell the browser where to go to view pages:

Button Action
Go back one page.
Go forward one page.
Reload the current page.
View the start page.

The combined address and search bar directs the browser to websites and searches the web. You can type website addresses, for example, or search the web with key words, for example ‘Opera browser’. Read more about the combined address and search bar.

The web view shows the content of a page. Here you can interact with webpages by reading text, viewing pictures, clicking links, and more.