Use the start page

Use the start page for quick access to the web

Opera start page

The start page has six features: the Google search box, Speed Dial, the bookmark manager, news, synced tabs, and your browsing history.

These provide quick access to your favorite content. To access the start page, click the start page button  located just left of the combined address and search bar.

Search the web with the Google search box

Click the Search the web field in the Google search box to begin searching the web. Type key words for what you want to find. For example, if you are looking for plane tickets to Fiji, type flights Fiji. Then, press Enter to search view Google’s search results.

Access your favorite sites with Speed Dial

Speed Dials

Speed Dial is a visual set of entries, made from your most visited sites or installed extensions. Speed Dial entries appear as thumbnails that link to the page. You can organize your favorite sites and quickly navigate to them.

To view Speed Dial, click the Speed Dial button at the bottom of the start page.

Add entries to Speed Dial

To add an entry:

  1. Click the empty entry marked with a +.
  2. Select from the list of suggested pages, or type a web address (for example
  3. Press Enter.

To open an entry, click the entry’s thumbnail.

Edit Speed Dial entries

To name or edit the web address of an entry:

  1. Ctrl+click or right-click the entry’s thumbnail.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Change the name and/or address using the text fields.
  4. Click OK.

To rearrange the position of entries, drag and drop the thumbnails to your desired location.

To remove an entry, hover over an entry and click the X that appears on the top-left.

Manage Speed Dial folders

To create a folders of entries, drag one entry onto another. Click the folder to expand it and view the entries it contains. When a folder is expanded, entries can be managed exactly as described above.

To return to Speed Dial, click the X on the top-left of the folder’s window.

To edit a folder’s title, Ctrl+click the folder and select Edit Title. Type your desired name into the text field and click OK.

To rearrange entries inside a folder, expand the folder and drag-and-drop entries to the desired location, or move them out of the folder.

To remove a folder — and all of its entries! — Ctrl+click the folder and select Remove Folder.

Read the web’s latest and greatest with the news feed

Newsfeed page

The news feed helps you discover new and trending topics. It is a collection of recommended web content, from news to sports to arts, and more.

The news feed appears just under your Speed Dial. Click an entry to navigate to the full length article.

Opera creates your news feed based on your location. To view other regional content:

  1. Click the Customize start page cogwheel in the upper-right of the start page.
  2. Under News, click the Country & language dropdown menu.
  3. Select the region and language you want to see.

Entries are categorized by labels (for example, ‘Arts’). To customize these categories or leave some out:

  1. Click the Customize start page cogwheel in the upper-right.
  2. Under News, expand My topics.
  3. Tick the boxes next to the categories you want to see.

Get back to your favorite pages with bookmarks

Bookmarks are links to pages on the web. If you’ve found a great resource, want to save some reading for later, or want to shop around for the perfect price, bookmarks can help you organize specific places on the web.

To view your bookmarks, click the Bookmarks button at the bottom of the start page.

Opera’s bookmark manager collects bookmarks into a visual list. You can organize your bookmarks into folders, designate how you want them to appear, and easily search through them.

Read more about bookmarks, the bookmark manager, and the bookmark bar.

Continue browsing from your other devices with synced tabs

Synce tabs page

If you register an account with Opera, you can use the tabs page to open pages you browsed on other devices. Install Opera on your work and home computer, your phone and tablet, and use synced tabs to keep your place when you switch devices.

To sync open tabs:

  1. Create an Opera account.
  2. Sign in to your Opera browsers.
  3. Click the Tabs button at the bottom of the start page.

Your devices appear on the sidebar. To see what tabs you have open on a device, click the device’s name. Click an entry in the list of tabs to open the page.

An Opera account allows you to sync more data than just tabs. Read more about how to sync your browsers.

See where you’ve been on the web with the history page

The history page shows the sites and pages you’ve browsed using Opera. It does not show any pages visited while browsing in a private window, or any pages that you’ve removed from your history.

To view your browsing history, click the History button at the bottom of the start page.

Your history is organized chronologically on the sidebar. Click a time period to view history items from the current day, the previous day, the previous week, the previous month, or all recorded history items.

You can remove single entries from you history. Hover over an entry and click the X that appears on its right side.

To clear more than one entry at a time, or to delete other types of browsing data, click Clear Browsing Data… Read more about clearing private data.