Opera Browser for iOS

Get all the help you need for Opera Browser, a lightning fast, safe and private web browser. Its award-winning design is tailored for speed & one-handed use on the go. The best browser for iOS.

Opera’s unique design interface, winner of the 2018 Red Dot Communication Design Award, allows you to browse the web faster than on any other mobile browser. Opening the browser will start you immediately in Instant Search where you can search for anything right away. Further explore the web quickly and easily with the Fast Action Button, which includes all the browsing navigation tools within thumb’s reach.

In March 2019, Opera’s design was again awarded, this time earning the iF Design gold award.

Opera connects to My Flow, a feature shared with Opera for desktop, where you can store and access files and web content at any time while also opening tabs from your computer on your phone. Other features include a native ad blocker and Opera’s cryptocurrency mining protection.

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