The Home screen in Opera has Six elements

  1. Depending on your navigation method:
    • Fast Action Button (FAB) is Opera’s all-inclusive button, used to create new searches, navigate web pages, open and switch between tabs.
    • Bottom bar with back/forward, open new tab, tab and menu buttons.
  2. The search bar allows you to search for anything or open a web page.
  3. The main menu can be opened by tapping the overflow menu  button in either 1 or 2 above.
  4. Speed dial section has a list of server pushed speed dials, starred web pages that you add by pressing the star symbol in the menu while browsing, Dapp portal when crypto wallet is activated.
  5. Recent Tabs From Computer contains the three most recent tabs used on your Opera desktop browser. Your phone and computer must be connected via My Flow for this to be available.
  6. News will be shown default as per supported device language.

Speed dial

The start page includes the classic opera Speed dial. Add your favorites to the Speed Dial and organise them as you please by tapping the ‘star’ icon in the main menu while browsing a website.
Opera adds a set of popular sites at installation to showcase the functionality and make a few popular sites easily accessible from the start. Newly added speed dials from server will append to the end of the list.

Speed dial has been implemented in version 3.1.0. For the users upgrading from  previous version, we will migrate all the top sites from the previous build. Including any starred sites and the Dapp portal, if Crypto wallet is enabled.

You can hide the Speed Dial section of the home page in Settings.

Recent Tabs From Computer

Recent Tabs From Computer is activated after connecting to My Flow. It contains the three most recent tabs opened from your Opera computer browser.

Private tabs from your Opera computer browser will not be displayed here.

If Opera on your iPhone or iPad is not connected to your Opera for computer browser, Recent Tabs From Computer will not be available in the home page.

Deleting Speed dial

If you wish to delete a site from the Home screen, tap and hold the site’s bubble to reveal a pop-up. Tap Remove to delete the site from the Home screen.

Moving Speed dial

Any intended speed dial can be moved to any position by tapping and holding site’s bubble to reveal a pop up. Tap Move to move the site to the any position.

Editing Speed dial

Speed dial name can be customized  by tapping and holding site’s bubble to reveal a pop up and then edit to change the name.

Returning to the Home screen while browsing

Tap the FAB while browsing a web page to return to the Home screen or open a new tab.