Getting Started

Learn the essentials

To get a good overview of how things work, we would suggest to start with an overview of the Opera extensions architecture.

To learn how to make Opera extensions, read our making your first Opera extension article: this will get you familiar with the basics of making a simple extension.

With the basics behind you, consult our range of tutorials and walk-throughs for much more detailed information on specific aspects of extension development and API usage.

Test, debug and look things over

Identify issues and solve them easily by reading our guide to testing and debugging Opera extensions.

Finally, show it to the world!

You can share your extensions with the world by submitting them to the Opera add-ons gallery. To make this process easier and smoother, read the guidelines on submitting extensions to the add-ons store. We’ve also provided a handy checklist of the acceptance criteria for you to follow, to speed up the submission process further.

Take a look at our branding guidelines for the official opera add-ons catalog button that you can use on your site to indicate that your extension is available.

Discuss and keep up on the latest news

We’d love to discuss Opera extension development with you some more!