Branding Guidelines

Using the Opera add-ons badge

Share the word that your app, extension or theme is available in the Opera add-ons catalog by using the “Get it from Opera add-ons” badge on your site.

Opera add-ons badge

While pre-approval is not required for you to use this badge, be sure that your use of the badge is consistent with the Opera add-ons terms of use and these branding guidelines; otherwise, we may request that you modify or cease your use of the badge.


Opera add-ons badge in English


Opera add-ons badge in Russian


Opera add-ons badge in German


Opera add-ons badge in Ukrainian


Opera add-ons badge in French


Opera add-ons badge in Polish

Note: If you need a logo translated to a different language from those available, please tweet us @Opera.

Proper use of the Opera add-ons developer badge

  • Use the badge exactly as shown.
  • Don’t modify any elements of the logo, including moving the text, adding or substituting graphics or changing colors. Don’t remove the solid background or other graphical elements from the badge. You can resize the badge as needed, as long as you maintain the original aspect ratio.
  • Don’t make the badge the primary element on your page.
  • Don’t crowd the badge with other logos and icons on your page – allow some breathing space.
  • Don’t use the badge on a page that contains or displays adult content, promotes gambling, promotes violence, contains hate speech, involves the sale of tobacco or alcohol to persons under twenty-one years of age, violates other applicable laws or regulations or is otherwise objectionable.
  • Make sure that clicking the badge always links to your page in the Opera add-ons catalog, and that your extension or theme is available in the catalog at all times that you use the badge.
  • Don’t use any Opera trademarks or any confusingly similar marks as the name of your application or company without written permission from us.
  • You may state that your product is compatible with a Opera product by using text such as “for,” “for use with” or “compatible with.” Such as “YOUR PRODUCT compatible with Opera.”
  • You can use an Opera trademark in combination with your logo, but the Opera trademark should be smaller in size than your logo.
  • If you do use an Opera trademark – give us attribution. “Opera is a trademark of Opera Software AS. Use of the Opera trademark is subject to its Guidelines.”

For more information, see our trademark guidelines.