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New in Opera 12.10

Opera 12.10 introduces the following changes and improvements:

New in Opera 12.00

Opera 12.00 introduced the following changes and improvements:

  • Lightweight themes allow you to change the look of the browser with one click
  • 64-bit support is offered for Windows and Mac
  • Web cameras are supported
  • You can opt-out of online behavioral tracking via Do not track
  • A new bar allows you to report third-party plug-in crashes
  • In Opera Mail, the compose window layout has been improved
  • Opera Unite and Opera Widgets are removed by default for new users
  • BitTorrent and IRC chat have been removed; the menu option for “Mail and Chat Accounts” is now “Mail Accounts”
  • Options for changing color and icon size have been removed from the Appearance dialog to support themes

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