Frequently asked questions about Opera Mini for Windows Phone

Can I change where downloads are saved?

Yes. Opera Mini saves your downloads according to your Windows Phone settings. In general, images will save to your Photos app, audio will save to your Music app, and video will save to your Videos app. If you have installed an SD card, Opera Mini will save to either your phone or your external storage, depending on how you have configured your phone’s settings.

If you’d like to move a file to a different location after downloading, long press the item in Opera Mini’s download manager and tap move.

Does Opera Mini limit the size of a file I can download?

No, but your Windows Phone might. Windows Phone doesn’t allow downloading files larger than 20 MB when you’re connected to the mobile web, or files larger than 100 MB when connected via Wi-Fi (unless the phone is plugged into a power source).

Because of this, if you are on a mobile connection and try to download a large file, Opera Mini will pause the download until you connect via Wi-Fi. Once you connect to a Wi-Fi network and a power source, you can continue downloading the large files you want – as much as your phone has storage space for.

How do I save a page for offline use?

While browsing, tap the + on the left side of the address bar. Then, select save for offline. This adds the page to a Speed Dial folder named saved pages, which you can view without an internet connection.

Can I change the search engine?

Yes. Tap the current search engine icon in the address bar and select which search engine you’d like to use for your browsing session.

I found a bug in Opera Mini. How can I report it?

Awesome! We appreciate you helping us improve Opera Mini. To report an issue:

  1. From the main menu, tap settings.
  2. Tap report a problem.
  3. Include as many details about the issue you’re having as you can and how we can recreate it, then tap submit.

More answers can be found in the Opera forums