Frequently asked questions for Opera Mini for other platforms

Can I use Opera Mini on my phone?

Opera Mini works on a whole bunch of different phone models and types. Download Opera Mini from and we’ll let you know if it will work on your phone.

Is Opera Mini available in my language?

Opera Mini is currently available in more than 90 languages. We hope to offer Opera Mini in even more languages in the future.

Can I browse securely? Does Opera Mini support encrypted connections?

Yes. In all recent versions, information sent between your phone and the websites you visit is encrypted if the site has correctly implemented HTTPS protocol.

How does Opera protect my privacy? What information does Opera Mini store?

Opera does not store or cache any of our users’ private information. Opera does occasionally look at trends concerning how Opera Mini is used, but these trends are compiled as aggregate numbers and no information can be linked to a single user.

All information gathered by Opera Mini is subject to Norwegian laws regarding personal data. If you are curious, you can read more about the Norwegian Personal Data Act.

I installed Opera Mini but can’t find it. Where is it?

Opera Mini is usually found under ApplicationJava ApplicationsFile Manager or a similarly named folder in the main menu of your phone. Some phones will move Opera Mini to a Games folder. If you cannot find Opera Mini anywhere on your phone, please consult your phone’s user manual or your phone manufacturer’s website to help locate where it may have been placed.

What is private browsing?

Private browsing lets you visit webpages without leaving any trace of them on your phone. This is especially useful if you share a phone. When you turn off private browsing, your browsing history, items in Opera Mini’s cache, cookies, and sign-in information like usernames and typed passwords are deleted from your phone.

If you download a file while browsing privately, Opera Mini’s download manager will not show the history or location of the file, but the file will remain on the device. If you deliberately save data, for example a bookmark, while browsing privately, that data will remain visible after you turn off private browsing.

What is the Smart Page?

The Smart Page connects you to your social networks, news, weather, sports, entertainment, and more. You can easily switch between the Smart Page and your Speed Dial by selecting a tab at the top of your screen.

What is night mode?

Night mode reduces the brightness of your phone’s screen making Opera Mini more pleasant to use in dark environments. Night mode can be turned on or off from Opera Mini’s settings menu.

How do I edit or delete a Speed Dial entry?

To edit or remove an entry from Speed Dial, highlight the entry, and press and hold your center select button. On a touchscreen, tap and hold (long-tap) the entry. A menu will appear providing options for managing your Speed Dial entries.

I set Opera Mini’s font size to small. Why can’t I see special characters?

In some languages, small fonts may not appear correctly. The character selection offered when using small fonts is limited to keep Opera Mini’s file size to a minimum. This has been improved in versions 4.2 and later. If you are using an earlier version, we recommend that you download the latest version.

Why do some characters appear as squares?

Opera Mini uses your phone’s default font. If your phone does not support certain characters, such as Chinese or Japanese characters, then Opera Mini cannot display them.

I found a bug in Opera Mini. How can I report it?

Check the Opera Mini forum for help first. You may find a solution to your issue there. If you are sure you’ve found a bug, you can report it in the Opera Mini bug wizard. Bugs should be reported in clear, simple English and should include all the relevant details needed to recreate your issue.

How do I change my file permission settings?

If you have a signed version of Opera Mini, you can reduce the number of prompts asking you to give Opera Mini access to files. Not all phones can install signed versions of Opera Mini.

Generally, to change file permissions:

  1. Navigate to the folder where your Opera Mini app is located.
  2. Highlight Opera Mini and and select your phone’s options or menu button.
  3. Look for application permission settings.

Opera Mini requires access to read and write user data, and access to web connections. If you cannot find these settings, consult your phone’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.

More answers can be found in the Opera forums