Install chrome extensions in opera


Extensions are small software programs that can be installed in your Opera browser. They can allow further customization or add more functionality. For example, you could change the look of your mouse-pointer, add a grammar-checking function, or play Sudoku in your browser. Since both Opera and Chrome are based on Chromium, extensions from the Google Chrome web store work in Opera.

How to add chrome extensions in Opera

To install extensions from the Google Chrome webstore into Opera, you must first download and install the Install Chrome extensions addon from the Opera addons store. There you can also find the best Opera extensions and wallpapers.

Once you’ve installed the Install Chrome extensions addon, you can go to the Chrome extensions webstore and choose the extension you want. Click the Add to Opera button and follow the prompts. You will be taken to your extensions manager page where you can click Install. After adding chrome extensions to your Opera browser, you can use them right away.

Managing extensions in Opera

To get to your Opera and chrome extensions manager page otherwise, click on the extensions icon on your sidebar in Opera. If you don’t see the icon, you may need to right-click the sidebar (Ctrl + click on Mac) to enable it. You can also use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + E) for Windows/Linux or (⌘ + Shift + E) for Mac. From there you can update, enable, disable, change the settings and view installed chrome extensions in Opera. You can also access your extensions and the Opera web store from the O menu.

Be mindful of extensions

Many google store extensions are third-party applications, so you should always be careful when adding them to your Opera browser. We recommend that you read the reviews and ratings before installing any Opera extension or chrome extensions in Opera. Also, some extensions can use a lot of your computer’s processing power, so you shouldn’t overload your browser with them and should only keep extensions you often use.

If you need further help, visit the Install Chrome Extensions page in the Opera forums.