How do I use Opera’s video pop-out feature?

Opera’s video pop-out feature allows you to watch videos from YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo – almost any video provider – while browsing in other tabs or even using different applications. 

When using video pop-out, your video will play in an adjustable, movable, floating window. You can drag the window to any part of your computer screen – or even a second screen – as well as resize the video as you please. The window will float above other windows and applications so that you can always have an eye on the action.

How to use video pop-out in Opera

To use video pop-out, start a video in your Opera browser. Next, move your mouse to the top-center of the video frame. The video pop-out button will appear. Click this button to pop the video into a new, adjustable window. 

Adjusting volume, pausing/playing, and advancing to the next video can all be done in the pop-out window. Player controls are found at the bottom of the window. This allows you to control video playback without needing to have the host tab open.

If you wish to quickly return to the tab playing the video, hover your mouse over the title of the video in the window and click Back to tab

Closing the video pop-out window will not stop video playback. The video continues playing in its host tab. You can also close the video pop-out by clicking the pop-out button again at the top of the video. 

To enable or disable the video pop-out feature, go to Setting > Advanced > Video pop out.