How do I find my installed extensions?

Extensions are applications which can be added to your Opera browser. These extensions add extra options like productivity tools, news and weather portals, social media addons and games. You can search for extensions in our addons store.

Extensions which you add to your Opera browser can be found on the extensions page. There, you can turn extensions on or off and adjust their settings. To open the Opera extensions page on Windows and Linux:

  1. In Opera, open the Menu.
  2. Under Extensions, click Extensions. (Ctrl + Shift + E)

To open the Opera extensions page on Mac:

  1. In Opera, click View in the toolbar.
  2. Click Show Extensions. (⌘ + Shift + E)

You can also enable a shortcut to the extensions page on the Opera sidebar. To do so:

  1. Right-click or ctrl + click on the sidebar.
  2. Select Extensions from the dropdown menu.