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Crashes and issues

Click the O Menu button (Windows and Linux) or Opera (Mac) in the toolbar. Click Update & Recovery…. Click Recover…. Choose a recovery option, and click Recover.


Ad blocker If you block ads, web pages will load faster and look cleaner. By blocking ads with Opera’s built-in ad blocker, you also block the source of many tracking cookies. The ad blocker also stops cryptocurrency mining scripts. To block ads: Go to Settings. Under Block ads, turn on Block ads and surf the web up…


Theme – dark vs. light You can switch between two themes, light or dark. These themes change the appearance of the browser’s tab bar and the combined address and search bar. By default, Opera is set to light theme. To enable dark theme, go to Easy Setup from the top-right button of the start page,…

Security and privacy

Note: Take care not to erase useful data inadvertently. If you are not already familiar with it, try private browsing. The data for private browsing is automatically cleared when you close all private windows.


From the O Menu on Windows/Linux or the toolbar on Mac, select History > Show All History.