Opera Software

Installing Opera Mini

To download Opera Mini, your phone must have a browser that allows you to connect to the Internet. Phones connect to the Internet using access points, and there are different types of access point, that allow your phone to connect to the Internet in different ways. Most phones will be preconfigured with either a WAP or Internet access point, to allow you to connect to the Internet. If your phone does not have either a WAP or Internet access point configured, please contact your service provider for more information.

Use your phone's browser to download Opera Mini from http://mini.opera.com/

Opera Mini normally uses an Internet access point (not a WAP access point) to connect to the Internet. Note that your service provider may allow full Internet access using a WAP access point, but most will require you to use an Internet access point to use Opera Mini. If your phone is not yet configured to use an Internet access point, you should configure one now. Most service providers supply an on-line tool for configuring your phone. Please see the list of known service providers to configure your Internet access point. If your service provider is not listed, please contact them for instructions.

Some handsets will request that you enter a PIN code before they will accept the configuration. In most cases, the code required is 1111.

Once Opera Mini is installed, you may be offered the option to open it. If you are not offered this option, you will need to locate it using your phone's menu system.

Your phone may display a message telling you to ensure you have set up an Internet connection or GPRS access point before using Opera Mini. If you have not yet set up a connection, you should do so now.