Backup your Opera files

It is recommended that you regularly back up your most important Opera files. Opera recommends backing up your files before upgrading, as well.

Locating your files is the first step. From the main menu, choose About Opera, or go to opera:about to find the exact paths for your profile and data folders.

Not all files and folders listed below will be relevant for all users. If you have made no changes to the keyboard, mouse, toolbar, or menu setups, for example, there is no reason to make copies.

Files to back up

Certificate Revocation ListsA list of revoked certificates
CookiesData about cookies that have been set
favorites.dbYour Speed Dial entries
HistoryYour recent navigation history.
Local StatePersistent data used by the browser at startup
Login DataUsernames and passwords for sites
Origin Bound CertsAccepted site certificates
PreferencesThe main Opera prefrences file, and personal settings set by you
session.dbStored sessions.
stash.dbSite data for Stash
ThumbnailsChromium's storage for persistent thumbnails
thumbnails.dbOpera's storage for persistent thumbnails
Visited LinksRecently used links and associated URLs
Web DataData used for search suggestions

Folders to back up

Folder nameDescription
\dictionariesUsed for spell checking
\Extension RulesUsed to configure installed extensions
\Extension StateInforms Opera of the state of installed extensions
\Local StorageA place for data stored for each origin

If Opera crashes

There are a few steps you can take to help restore your Opera browser to working order. Even if the steps here help you, sending Opera a crashlog report, including details of what you were doing when Opera froze, helps us fix the freeze completely. This way we can help others that may experience the same problem.

If Opera crashes, a dialog displays asking if you want to send a report about the problem. The report includes technical details of the crash, and any relevant comments you wish to include. This information helps make Opera even more stable and reliable. Provide some details about what you were doing with the browser when it crashed into the text field, then click "Send Report".

If restarting the browser application does not solve the problem, you may want to download a clean install. We recommend you back up your Opera files before clean installing. See our section on backups for details.

To clean install Opera:

  1. Go to
  2. Click to download the newest version.
  3. Select "Run" to start the installer (in Mac, open the disk mount image to copy the Opera to your Applications folder).

If a clean install solves the issue, you can copy over your backed up files into your new Opera profile. See our section on backups for details. If this causes Opera to freeze again, delete your browing data.

If Opera still freezes, submit a bug report. Compress the profile folder using .zip, .rar, or 7zip, and send it along with your report. If you find the file that makes Opera freeze, specify this in the bug report.

Important note: Be assured that we will only use the files you send to reproduce the freeze. You may choose to remove files that contain sensitive data to protect your privacy, however, if removing these files resolves the freeze, we will not be able to reproduce it and fix the problem. For more information, see our Privacy Statement.

A note on older versions

While we recommend that you use the latest version of Opera, we understand that sometimes this might not be possible, depending on your hardware and operating system. Opera may run on older hardware and older versions of operating systems however it is likely that it will be less usable. You can download some earlier versions of Opera that may work with your system from the Opera FTP archive. Be aware that these versions are no longer supported, meaning they may be prone to decreased security and/or stability.

Report issues with sites or with the browser

Some websites and services may not function exactly as you would expect in Opera. This could be caused by website authors tailoring their services for one particular web browser.

If a site is not displaying or behaving correctly in Opera, you can let us know about it. From the menu, select Help > Report an Issue… Please specify how severe you think the problem is, and add a comment detailing your experience.

Some information about your computer and browser settings will be sent to Opera to help find the cause of the site problem. Click the "Configuration details" button on the dialog to see this information.

If you are convinced you have found a defect related to the browser itself, please report it as a bug.

If you wish to report a site for fraud or malware, see more about security badges.