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Preferences > Advanced > Toolbars

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This page explains how to change the toolbar and menu setups in Opera.

Changing setups

You can have multiple toolbar setups in Opera. If you want to keep the existing setup around:

  1. Select the toolbar setup you want to use as a template and click "Duplicate".
  2. Select your new toolbar setup in the list and click "OK" to exit the preferences.
  3. Right-click any toolbar and select "Customize" to go to the "Appearance" dialog, where you can drag and drop buttons, search fields and other toolbar elements

The main menu and all context menus in Opera can also be rearranged any way you like.

To create a new menu setup, copy the file standard_menu.ini from Opera's /defaults/ folder to your profile folder and give it a new name. Then you can modify it using a text editor.

Learn more

The simplest way to get a new toolbar or menu setup, is to download one from the My Opera Community Web site: