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Learn how to use Opera for feed subscriptions.


Feeds let you receive messages from newspapers and other information sources on the Web. Rather than visiting a newspaper Web site checking for updates all the time, you can subscribe to the site's feed, and receive news summaries like you receive e-mail messages.

Subscribing to feeds

Correctly coded RSS and Atom feeds will be automatically recognized by the browser when linked from a page you visit. Opera will then display a small icon within the address field. Click the icon to subscribe to the feed.

The first time you subscribe to a feed, Feeds will be added to Opera's main menu, and a "Feeds" heading will appear in your Mail panel if you have set up one or more e-mail or news accounts.

You can also right-click the mail panel and select "Feeds" to access a subscription dialog.

All feeds that you subscribe to will be available in the Feeds menu.

Note that it may take a while for the server to send you the first feed items after you subscribe.

Managing feeds

Feed items are managed in the same way as e-mail messages and can be searched, forwarded by e-mail, and so forth.

As a default, Opera will request feed updates every three hours while the browser is running. You may change this setting individually for each subscription. Please note that very frequent requests are likely to generate too much traffic for some servers.