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Opera comes with a small selection of bookmarks. You can add to and organize your bookmarks as you wish.


Accessing bookmarks

Bookmarks can be accessed from the Bookmarks panel, directly from the Bookmarks menu, or by going to Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks.

Tip: Add nicknames for your most frequently used bookmarks. For example, make "tv" the nickname of your personalized TV guide. To access the guide, simply type "tv" into the address field and hit Enter.

Managing bookmarks

Operation How to do it
Create bookmark for active webpage Drag page icon from the Address bar to the Bookmarks panel, or press Ctrl+D
Open bookmark in active tab Click bookmark
Open bookmark in new tab Press Shift and double-click the bookmark, or middle-click the bookmark
Open bookmark in the background Press Ctrl+Shift and double-click the bookmark
Make bookmark available at all times Drag bookmark or page icon to any toolbar
Find bookmark Enter text to search for in "Quick find" field
Create folder to organize bookmarks Click drop-down arrow on "Add" button, select "New folder"
Open all bookmarks in selected folder Drag bookmark folder to Opera's workspace
Move bookmarks and folders around Drag and drop items
Sort your bookmarks Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks, and click "View"
Fast access to bookmark Press Shift+F2 and start entering nickname
Manage bookmarks Press Ctrl+Shift+B

Bookmark properties

Press Alt+Enter to:

Bookmarks bar

Put your favorite bookmarks/bookmarklets, bookmark folders, and web searches on the bookmarks bar so you can use them quickly and at any time. Note: This replaces the personal bar, which existed in versions of Opera previous to Opera 11.

This toolbar is disabled by default.

Turn the bookmarks bar on or off

To turn the bookmarks bar on or off, go to Toolbars and select or deselect it from the list.

Use the bookmarks bar

Drag bookmarks and folders from the bookmarks panel, links, page tabs, and bookmarklets directly to the bookmarks bar. Alternatively, you can right-click the bookmark in the panel, select "Properties", and check the "Show on Bookmarks Bar" option.

To add a search to the bar, select it from the toolbar's right-click menu.

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