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Press Page Down and Page Up to switch slides

A skin is a collection of graphics, such as buttons and icons, and instructions used to change Opera's look. Go to Tools > Appearance > Skin to get new skins or manage your currently installed skins.

Get a new skin

To get a new skin, select "Find more skins", locate a screenshot you like from the displayed list of available skins, then click "Download".

When you have confirmed the download, Opera will automatically apply the skin so that you can preview it before deciding whether you want to keep it. If you select not to keep the skin, it will be deleted from your computer by Opera.

Manage skins

All of your currently installed skins remain available in the "Appearance" dialog. Select "Show installed skins" to delete or switch skins.

You can also apply a different color scheme to the currently selected skin and scale the size of Opera's toolbar buttons.