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Opera has an elegant, integrated chat client with essential features.

Getting started

To connect to a room for the first time:

  1. Go to Tools > Mail and chat accounts
  2. Click "Add", select "Chat account".
  3. Fill in your real name and email address (or something else if you want more privacy).
  4. Enter the nickname as you would like it to appear in the chat. This is restricted to 9 characters on some servers.
  5. Choose a chat server to connect to.
  6. Click "Finish" to create the account.

When you have set up a chat account, the list of available rooms is automatically downloaded from the server and displayed.

Joining rooms

Select List rooms on the Chat menu to get the list of rooms on a chat server.

Room chat

When you join a room, a chat tab is displayed. Notice the following details:

The list of people in the room is on the right-hand side. People who's nicknames are bolded, have special permissions in the chat room and are known as operators. People with ghosted icons are not in your contact list.

Write a message in the input field to say something to the room.

Note: If there are many users on a chat server, it can take some time before messages are delivered.

Chat status

If you are talking on the phone or have to leave your desk for a while, let other users know by changing your online status in the chat menu.

More chat room actions

While in a room, you can also:

Private chat

Double-clicking a nick will also initiate a private chat. When chatting privately, a small toolbar is displayed with the same options as the Ctrl-click menu of the nickname list.

When someone sends you a private message to start a chat, you will see a new tab popping up with the person's nick on the tab.

Chat room commands

There are toolbar buttons and menu choices available for most of your chat command needs, but if you prefer to type commands, you can use standard IRC commands while chatting in Opera. These are some of the most frequently used commands:


Several combinations of characters will produce graphical smileys when used in a chat session or an email message:

Smiley Characters Description
  • :)
  • :-)
  • =)
  • :(
  • :-(
  • ;)
  • ;-)
  • :o
  • :-O
  • :D
  • :-D
  • 8-)
  • 8-D
  • :|
  • :-|
:'( Crying
  • :@
  • :-@
  • :p
  • :-P
'< Biting

Creating rooms

To create your own room and become operator, select New room on the Chat menu and enter the name of the room you wish to create.

You need to pick a room that has not already been created, so you may have to try a few names before you find one that is available. If a room with the name you chose is already created, you will just join the room as a normal user.

In some rooms, only operators may change the room's topic, visibility in room lists, and password protection. Click "Properties" on the toolbar to see if you are allowed to change any of these.

Room operator

When you create a new room, you automatically become operator of the room. When Ctrl-clicking a nick in the list, operators get a "Control" sub-menu that lets them:

Chat panel

All rooms you join are saved in the Chat panel, organized under the chat server they belong to. Click the name of a previously visited room to join.

You will also see a list of all contacts that are logged on to the same server, provided you have added their chat nicks to their contact information. Click a contact to start a private chat.

Account properties

Go to Tools > Mail and chat accounts to fine-tune your account settings, such as:

Note that you can set up as many accounts as you like, which allows you to connect to multiple chat servers simultaneously.