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To help keep your version of Opera up-to-date, with the latest features and important security and stability fixes, Opera includes an automatic update mechanism.

The auto-update dialog appears after a recommended update has been released. It includes information about the update, and helps you to install it. The browser checks for updates at regular intervals; to do a manual check, select the menu item Opera > Check for Updates.

Auto-update preferences are saved in Advanced Preferences, under Security.

Updating Opera

The first time an update becomes available, the auto-update dialog appears. If you select "Remind Me Later", the dialog closes and does not reappear until later. If you select "Download and Install", the download commences. Information about the download appears at the bottom of the page, on the right side of the status bar.

When the download is complete, the dialog offers two options:

The system administrator password is needed to complete the update, unless you are the system administrator.

Silent updates

If in the auto-update dialog you check the box marked "Automatically install updates without notification from now on", all future updates will occur silently, meaning: