Opera Software
  1. Toolbars
  2. Menus
  3. Panels
  4. Speed Dial
  6. Widgets
  7. Notes
  8. Opera Link
  9. Opera Turbo
  10. Opera Unite
  11. Content blocking
  12. Fraud Protection
  13. BitTorrent
  14. Display modes
  15. Developer tools
  16. Preferences
  17. Advanced Preferences
  18. Skins
  19. Keyboard shortcuts
  20. Using the mouse
  21. E-mail and news
  22. Feeds
  23. Chat
  24. Dialogs
  25. Auto-update
  26. Backing up Opera

Opera Help

New to Opera

Familiarize yourself with Opera by browsing the help files. You can read about how Opera handles tabs, find out how to use the integrated searches, and learn how to set up Opera to your liking using the preferences.

New in Opera 10.50

The help files for Opera 10.50 are not yet ready. These files describe Opera 10.10, but also provide an introduction to Opera Widgets.

New in Opera 10.10

Opera 10.10 introduces Opera Unite, a technology that makes your browser into a personal Web server. With Opera Unite, you can host your own Web content. Use Opera Unite to communicate, collaborate, and share with your friends.

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