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Notes can be used for "to do" lists, text snippets from Web pages you want to keep around, e-mail message templates, and any other strings of text you want to keep readily at hand.

Press Page Down and Page Up to switch slides

Managing Notes

Operation How to do it
Write a new note Click "New note"
Create a folder for notes Click drop-down arrow on "New note" button, select "New folder"
Organize notes and folders Use drag and drop
Take notes from a Web page Mark text in page, then press Ctrl+Shift+C
Paste from clipboard into note Press Ctrl+Shift+V
Search the Web for contents in note Drag note to search field and press Enter
Move a note to the trash Click note and press Delete
Retrieve a note from the trash Open trash and drag note out into notes list

Tip: The right-click menu of all edit fields, such as e-mail messages and Web forms, contains the sub-menu "Insert note". Use notes to store strings of text that you use repeatedly, such as standard e-mail messages or templates, and signatures.