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  7. Content Blocking
  8. BitTorrent
  9. Display Modes
  10. Source Viewer
  11. Preferences
  12. Advanced Preferences
  13. Skins
  14. Keyboard Shortcuts
  15. Using the Mouse
  16. E-mail and News
  17. Newsfeeds
  18. Chat
  19. Dialogs
  20. Backing Up Opera

Keyboard Shortcuts

Press Page Down and Page Up to switch slides.

You can browse a lot faster using the keyboard, and this page gives you an overview of the available keyboard shortcuts. Some operations have multiple shortcuts; use those you find most convenient.

Note: Selecting the alternate keyboard setup "Opera Standard for UNIX" in the preferences will override some Opera shortcuts with classic UNIX shortcuts.

Standard keys


Move one line up
Move one line down
Move one character to the right
Move one character to the left
Move one screen-full up
  • Page Up
  • Shift + Space
Move one screen-full down
  • Page Down
  • Space
Move one screen-full to the left Ctrl + Page Up
Move one screen-full to the right Ctrl + Page Down
Go to top Home
Go to bottom End


Cycle focus within active context Tab and Shift + Tab
Activate Enter
Edit item properties
  • Alt + Enter
  • Ctrl + I
Exit context or cancel Esc
Display context (right-click) menu Ctrl + M

System keys

Open file Ctrl + O
Save copy of page Ctrl + S
Save copy of page with all images and elements Ctrl + Alt + S
Print page Ctrl + P
Close Opera Ctrl + Q
Hide Opera Ctrl + H

Text keys


Undo recent changes Ctrl + Z
Redo recent changes Ctrl + Y
Copy selection to clipboard
  • Ctrl + C
  • Ctrl + Insert
Move selection to clipboard
  • Ctrl + X
  • Shift + Delete
Paste from clipboard
  • Ctrl + V
  • Shift + Insert
Copy selected text to "Notes" panel Ctrl + Shift + C
Copy text in clipboard to "Notes" panel Ctrl + Shift + V
Clear all Ctrl + U
Select all Ctrl + A
Delete selection (or character right of cursor) Delete
Delete selection (or character left of cursor) Backspace
Toggle text-style bold Ctrl + B
Toggle text-style italic Ctrl + I
Toggle text-style underline Ctrl + U

UNIX editing keys

Go to end of line Ctrl + E
Go to beginning of line Ctrl + A
Go to next character Ctrl + F
Go to previous character Ctrl + B
Go to next line Ctrl + N
Go to previous line Ctrl + P
Paste Ctrl + Y
Delete to end of line Ctrl + K
Delete Ctrl + D
Backspace Ctrl + H


Find text Ctrl + F
Find next instance of text
  • Ctrl + G
  • F3
Find previous instance of text
  • Ctrl + Shift + G
  • Shift + F3
Search for text in links in page (press F9 first to set focus on page)
  • , (comma)
  • Shift + (numeric) /
Search for text in page (press F9 first to set focus on page)
  • . (period)
  • (numeric) /

Loading keys


Go to your home page
  • Ctrl + Space
  • Alt + Home
Enter a Web address F2
Paste and go in current or new tab Ctrl + B
Paste and go in background tab Ctrl + Shift + B
Enter nickname for fast bookmark access Shift + F2
Access recently typed addresses H
Save page address as new bookmark Ctrl + D
Save as new bookmark in active bookmark folder Ctrl + Shift + D


Reload (get latest version of) page
  • Ctrl + R
  • F5
Reload selected frame
  • Alt + F5
Reload all open pages
  • Ctrl + F5
Stop page loading Esc

Navigation keys


Go to next page in history
  • X
  • Ctrl + →
  • Alt + →
  • Ctrl + ]
Go to previous page in history
  • Z
  • Ctrl + ←
  • Alt + ←
  • Backspace
  • Ctrl + [
Rewind Shift + Z
Fast Forward
  • Space
  • Shift + X
  • Shift + Backspace
Show entire forward history Alt + X
Show entire backward history Alt + Z

Site navigation

Home Ctrl + Shift + Space
Search Ctrl + Shift + F
Previous Ctrl + Shift + ←
Next Ctrl + Shift + →
Up Ctrl + Shift + Backspace

Note: These site navigation shortcuts only work on pages with elements like <link rel="home" href="index.html"/>.

To remove the last part of any Web address (such as a sub-directory) and go to that address, press Ctrl + Backspace.

Display modes

Load and display all images I
Toggle loading of images Shift + I
Toggle between "Author mode" and "User mode" Shift + G
Preview page as if printed Shift + P
Use entire screen for browsing F11
Toggle "Fit to width" Ctrl + F11
Pretend to be small-screen device Shift + F11


View page source Ctrl + F3
View source of active frame Alt + F3
Validate source of active page or frame Ctrl + Alt + V
Validate source of active page or frame in the background Ctrl + Alt + Shift + V


Tip: Enable the numeric keypad on your keyboard by pressing Num Lock.

Increase zoom % by steps of 10
  • Numeric +
  • 0
Decrease zoom % by steps of 10
  • Numeric -
  • 9
Increase zoom % by steps of 100 (1000% is maximum)
  • Ctrl + Numeric +
  • 8
Decrease zoom % by steps of 100 (20% is minimum)
  • Ctrl + Numeric -
  • 7
Restore zoom to 100%
  • Numeric *
  • 6
Select next link in page
  • A
  • Ctrl + ↓
Select previous link in page
  • Q
  • Ctrl + ↑
Follow selected link
  • Enter
  • Space
Open selected link in new tab
  • Shift + Enter
  • Shift + Space
Open selected link in background tab
  • Ctrl + Shift + Enter
  • Ctrl + Shift + Space
Save selected link as new bookmark Ctrl + Shift + D
Copy selected link address Ctrl + Alt + C
Save link target (such as document or image) Ctrl + Shift + S

Spatial navigation keys

Navigate between links and form elements Shift + ← ↑ → ↓
Cycle through headers in page S and W
Cycle through elements in page D and E
Cycle through frames in page 3 and Shift + 3

Tip: The combination of the Shift key and arrow keys is the fastest way of moving around a Web page when wanting to locate links and Web form elements.

Form keys

Log in/autofill form using the Wand Ctrl + Enter
Go to next element in form Tab
Go to previous element in form Shift + Tab
Select form element
  • Space
  • Enter
Left-adjust text in form Ctrl + L
Right-adjust text in form Ctrl + R

Access keys

Toggle HTML access keys Shift + Esc
Enter HTML access keys A-Z and 0-9

Page keys: basics

Browse in new tab Ctrl + T
Browse in duplicate of active tab Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N
Close active tab
  • Ctrl + W
  • Ctrl + F4
Close active application window
  • Ctrl + Shift + W
  • Alt + F4
Close all open tabs Ctrl + Alt + W
Close all open tabs except active Ctrl + Shift + Alt + W
Undo closing tab Ctrl + Alt + Z

Note: If you enable "Open windows instead of tabs" in the Tabs preferences, closing all open tabs means closing Opera.

Application windows

Browse in new application window Ctrl + N

Tab keys: switching

Cycle to next tab (defaults to recently used order)
  • Ctrl + Tab
  • Alt + Page Down
Cycle to previous tab (defaults to recently used order)
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab
  • Alt + Page Up
Switch to next tab on tab bar
  • 1
  • Ctrl + F6
Switch to previous tab on tab bar
  • 2
  • Ctrl + Shift + F6

Tab keys: arranging

Cascade open tabs top-left to bottom-right Shift + F5
Tile open tabs left to right Shift + F6
Tile open tabs top to bottom Alt + F6
Minimize active tab 4
Switch between restored and maximized tab 5
Restore all tabs Ctrl + Shift + F3
Minimize all tabs Ctrl + Shift + F4
Maximize all tabs Ctrl + Shift + F5

Panel keys: activation

Toggle last active panel with panel selector F4
Toggle last active panel Shift + F4
Activate panels for keyboard navigation F7
Expand all folders/views in panel Shift + →
Collapse all folders/views in panel Shift + ←
Open "Search" panel Ctrl + 1
Open "Bookmarks" panel Ctrl + 2
Open "Mail" panel Ctrl + 3
Open "Contacts" panel Ctrl + 4
Open "Chat" panel Ctrl + 5
Open "Notes" panel Ctrl + 6
Open "Transfers" panel Ctrl + 7
Open "History" panel Ctrl + 8
Open "Links" panel Ctrl + 9
Open "Windows" panel Ctrl + 0

Panel keys: actions


Open bookmark Enter
Open bookmark in new tab Shift + Enter
Open bookmark in background tab Ctrl + Shift + Enter


Mark all e-mail in selected view as read Ctrl + Shift + A


Show messages associated with contact Enter
Compose message to contact Shift + Enter


Open transferred file Enter


Edit your preferences
  • Alt + P
  • Ctrl + F12
Quickly edit most popular preferences F12
Edit browser appearance Shift + F12


Toggle scroll bars Ctrl + F7
Toggle address bar Ctrl + F8
Toggle main menu Alt + F11

Address bar keys

Ctrl + Enter Autocomplete Web address, by default adds "www." and ".com"
Alt + ↓ Show autocomplete drop-down list
Esc Close drop-down list

Focus keys

Set focus to Web page (to enable keyboard navigation) F9
Set focus to address field
  • F8
  • Ctrl + L
Set focus to search field Shift + F8
Set focus to personal bar Shift + F7
Restore original address in address field and set focus to page Esc

Manager pages

Manage view for search panel Ctrl + Shift + 1
Manage bookmarks
  • Ctrl + Shift + 2
  • Ctrl + Alt + B
Manage e-mail
  • Ctrl + Shift + 3
  • Ctrl + Alt + M
Manage contacts
  • Ctrl + Shift + 4
  • Ctrl + Alt + O
Manage view for chat panel Ctrl + Shift + 5
Manage notes
  • Ctrl + Shift + 6
  • Ctrl + Alt + E
Manage transfers
  • Ctrl + Shift + 7
  • Ctrl + Alt + T
Manage history
  • Ctrl + Shift + 8
  • Ctrl + Alt + H
Manage links
  • Ctrl + Shift + 9
  • Ctrl + Alt + L
  • Ctrl + J

E-mail keys: reading and sending


Check e-mail Ctrl + K
Write new message Ctrl + E
Save message draft (continue later) Ctrl + S
Upload queued messages to mail server Ctrl + Shift + K
Send composed message Ctrl + Shift + S


Go to next message J
Go to previous message U
Go to next unread message
  • H
  • Shift + J
Go to previous unread message
  • Y
  • Shift + U
Move one screen-full up Shift + Space
Move one screen-full down, then go to next unread Space
Scroll up in message body (even if focus on message list) Alt + ↑
Scroll down in message body (even if focus on message list) Alt + ↓
Set focus to message list F8
Set focus to message F9


Expand all threads Shift + →
Collapse all threads Shift + ←
Mark thread as read M
Mark thread as read, go to next unread N

E-mail keys: managing


Mark selected message as read K
Mark selected message as read, and go to next unread e-mail G
Mark selected message as read, and go to previous unread e-mail T
Mark selected message as unread Shift + K
Mark all messages in active view as read Ctrl + Shift + A


Reply to message R
Reply to all recipients of message, including sender Shift + R
Forward message F
Redirect message D
Continue editing message (Drafts, Outbox, and Sent views) Enter
Focus "Quick reply" field
  • Q
  • Shift + F9


Save sender's address as new contact A
Save attachments Shift + S
Label message (for example important or funny) L, 1-7
View all messages associated with sender E
Copy raw message data to clipboard C


Toggle different layout of message list and message body I

Chat keys

Download and list available rooms on chat server Ctrl + Alt + J
Type name of chat room to join Ctrl + Shift + J
Set focus to chat input field Shift + F9

Help keys

Open Opera's help window F1
Search while viewing help page Ctrl + F

More information

Learn more about using the keyboard.