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  7. Content Blocking
  8. BitTorrent
  9. Display Modes
  10. Source Viewer
  11. Preferences
  12. Advanced Preferences
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  20. Backing Up Opera

Backing Up Opera

It is recommended that you regularly back up your most important Opera files. You should also always back up your files before upgrading.

The tips below are also useful if you need to move your Opera files from one computer to another.

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Locating Your Files

Go to Help > About Opera to find the exact paths for your profile and data folders.

Selecting Files

Not all files and folders listed below will be relevant for all users. If you have made no changes to the keyboard, mouse, toolbar, or menu setups, for example, there is no reason to make copies.

DescriptionFile name
Blocked contenturlfilter.ini
Certificate authoritiesopcacrt6.dat
General settingsopera6.ini
Personal certificatesopcert6.dat
Site-specific settingsoverride.ini
Wand datawand.dat

Note: To back up your Opera Widgets, you need to back up both the file widgets.adr and the folder /widgets.

Folders to back up
DescriptionFolder name
E-mail, newsgroups, chat, and newsfeeds/mail
Sessions - saved window setups/sessions
Keyboard setup/keyboard
Mouse setup/mouse
Menu setup/menu
Toolbar setup/toolbar